Add Pinterest button to a Woocommerce product page

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  1. Love this functionality but can’t get the multiple images overlay to show up. Do you need to have both pieces of code on the site? We’re using a fairly old version of WordPress and Woocommerce.

    • Yes, you need to include both the pieces of code. If you use a fairy old version of WordPress and Woo I would suggest to update these first 😉

  2. frank, the product image wont load up, i think the url spaces needs to be encoded ..

  3. This was great – however, on a page with multiple products, I don’t get the same results as the screen shot – I get a button on the single image, but not in a given category – it looks like the last 2 functions are the same? Am I understanding this wrong?

    • If you don’t see the Pinterest button om the multiple products page I suggest you install Simply Show Hooks plugin. With this plugin you can see if your function is using the correct hook.