How to show a different homepage on mobile devices

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  1. Neil says

    Oh that’s good and possibly very timely.
    This last week I experimented with serving mobile pages (initially just a different front page) using this code:

    I set up a frontpage.php template to call the mobile detect function.
    Then used their code for ‘if is mobile and not tablet’ to include a mobile file ‘else’ to include the full size file.

    It certainly works. However I’m also going to try your way now.

  2. Neil says

    Thanks Frank.
    Your code worked perfectly just now.
    I wonder though if there are SEO and UX implications of sending a mobile user to a different page instead of the regular home page.


  3. Babette says

    Love the change you did there! We’ve been struggling with one of our sites and this issue. Thank you…might just give us the motivation to switch the site to Genesis now. Love that theme!


  4. G22 says

    Hi your code work perfectly for the homepage in native language. I have a second mobile homepage with WPML in english. I’m getting the error that I cannot redeclare ‘wps_params’ if I add your function again for my english page.

    Any idea to help me achieve the same thing for my english page? Thanks a lot for all your knowledge you’re sharing with us 🙂

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