Product gallery images on WooCommerce shop page

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  1. Kendra says

    This is great, thanks! And I love that Simply Show Hooks plugin, so helpful.

    Is it possible to have the images open in a lightbox, rather than link to the single product page? We’re using this on a site that doesn’t allow access to the single product pages, all shopping is done on the product page itself, so it’s the only place to view the thumbnail gallery images.

    • Frank Schrijvers says

      Hi Kendra, I think it’s possible to open the images with a lightbox. You can have a look at Featherlight. This is a lightweight jQuery lightbox solution and not that difficult to integrate in your code.

      • Kendra says

        Thanks, I’ll look into Featherlight. What I’m noticing though is that when using this code to add the gallery to the shop page, that it’s linking those images to the product’s page, not to the actual images. I think that would need to be fixed first, before a lightbox could be integrated. What needs to be changed in the code to link the images to themselves, not the product page?

  2. jean-christophe says

    Simple question… what if i want to apply taht script to all parts of the woocomerce… cart, checkout page an so on?

  3. shima says

    hi, great.
    I used above code, but when I click on the picture, I saw a black pop up that want to load an image, but it can’t.
    I don’t know where can I attach the screenshot to show you a page.
    can you help me to solve it?
    thank you.