3 Ways to integrate WooCommerce with Genesis

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  1. Peter Ingersoll says

    After the update to Genesis Connect for WooCommerce broke my client’s site (PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/www/wp-content/plugins/genesis-connect-woocommerce/lib/posts-per-page.php’ …) – I tried the AlphaBlossom method. It worked like a charm.

    I use Genesis with Dynamik from Cobalt Apps, which makes it very easy to drop the code that normally goes into functions.php into the customs functions area.

    Thank you!

  2. Nathan says

    For the life of me, I just cannot get my WooCommerce pages to display properly! I have tried every method (I think). Please help!

    • Frank Schrijvers says

      Hi Nathan, the first thing you should do is check your thumbnail settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display. Next you should regenerate the thumbnails. Hopefully this helps fixing the layout issues.

  3. Andres says

    Frank, I would like to know if we must copy the all the codes and paste it in any part of the functions.php or in a specific section and order?

    Also, If you can confirm doing this on the editor section on WordPress.

    Waiting for your reply. Thanks

    • Frank Schrijvers says

      Hey Andres,

      If you follow the steps in the tutorial you can’t go wrong. If you use the BeardedGinger Method, not all the code has to be copy/past into your functions.php, but this is explained in the tut.

      I would strongly not recommend to make these changes directly in the WordPress editor.


  4. Ashif says

    Thank you for this tutorial. I have successfully installed on RainaStudio.com And the warning message is gone. How do I integrate 2chekout with woocommerce?

  5. Zai says

    hi, I’m using Genesis as my parent theme and rebel childtheme from imagely, will this applies also to child theme? I follow the BeardedGinger Method(2nd method) and the third one AlphaBlossom Method but doesn’t work.. I look for forward to your response.

    My problem is with the product gallery (the images located just below the primary image of the product) – i am talking on the single product page the product gallery images when click will not display, thus can’t be zoom.

    thank you. 🙂


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